Juicer For Life (Part 1)

JuicingA few years ago I developed a passion for juicing and since then, I am compelled to share that passion with others. I didn’t just suddenly develop an interest in juicing however. It was a journey that began with Food Inc., the documentary that hit me like a ton of bricks and really took my interest in nutrition to a new level.

As I’ve mentioned in our introductory podcast, I grew up in a health conscious household. We canned our own home grown vegetables and ate the truly free-range venison my father brought home from his annual hunting trip. My brother and I were only allowed to drinks sodas on special occasions, and our consumption of junk food was strictly monitored and limited.

As I ventured out into the world as an adult however, I did lose touch of many of the good eating habits my mother had instilled in me. In college I ate my fair share of fast food, crammed for tests while putting away several Mt. Dews, and lived off quite a bit of cheap frozen meals and pizzas. In short, I began eating like a typical American college student.

As I grew older, I slowly readopted better eating habits, especially as I became more in tune with my body and realized that certain foods would leave me feeling like a lethargic zombie. Then, about five years ago I watched Food Inc. and couldn’t sleep a wink that night. My head was spinning with the realization of how little thought the typical American puts into their diet. I resolved to make some major changes and also help inspire other people.

About two years ago, several people in my life developed various forms of cancer. My step mother barely survived two bouts of breast cancer, a 35 year old friend mine passed away from brain cancer (1 year after giving birth to her first child) and my neighbor underwent multiple rounds of chemo for ovarian cancer. Being generally skeptical of the American medical institution, I took it upon myself to research natural methods for preventing and treating cancer. Through my research, I stumbled upon the Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment that activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. I ordered a Champion Juicer, which I found to be the best bang for my buck on the market, but I hope to one day buy a Norwalk Juicer, which is the mecca of juicers.

I started trying out various juicing recipes, basing them on the most nutrient and enzyme rich fruits and vegetables nature provides. Have I noticed a difference in my health since I started juicing? Absolutely! I have more energy, rarely get sick, and generally feel more balanced both physically and emotionally. Some of my favorite ingredients are beets, kale, carrots, cucumber, and celery, but I will throw in just about anything in season or on hand. In short, juicing has changed my life. Juicing is a great way to use up the abundance of fruits and vegetables that come from large gardens.

It’s best to consume juice within 10 minutes of juicing, however juice can be stored in mason jars and refrigerated for a bit longer. I hope to add a recipe section to this site soon, so stay tuned!

Resources: http://gerson.org/gerpress/the-gerson-therapy.

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