The Monthly DIY Challenge

A few months ago I received an email from Laci, a local woman who found our farm on the Local Harvest website. She has identical twin 3 year old girls and wanted to bring them to the farm for a visit, as well as purchase some eggs and chicken. We ended up having a wonderful time with Laci and her girls and Laci and I became immediate friends, which I am ever grateful for since we live in such a rural area and I don’t meet many women my age around here who are as passionate about nutrition and natural living as I am.

Since then I’ve learned a lot about Laci. For example, she is a certified Pinterest junkie, which I initially thought was hilarious, until I realized she has a real talent for finding images that help inspire her friends and family to stay focused on their interests and hobbies. Having just had a baby, and being in limbo with trying to relocate our farm, I’ve honestly been a little distracted (babies tend to have that effect on deliriously happy new mommies), and have been neglecting some of my Earthstead commitments.

The Brilliant Idea

A few nights ago, at around 11pm, Laci sent me a random email titled “Call Me Goofy.” Apparently she was up late feeling inspired. In her email, she proposed that we begin a monthly challenge. Every other month, we will take turns challenging one another to find a way to replace a processed/store bought food with something natural/homemade, as well as to find a use for an essential oil (we are currently essential oil novices but want to learn more about their uses). Rather than calling her “goofy,” I declared her brilliant, not only for the idea, but for finding a way to inject some new energy into my somewhat waning attention to our natural lifestyle.


The Monthly Challenge

To start it off, Laci assigned herself challenges for the month of December. First, she will develop healthy, homemade ways to replace cans of condensed soup in some of her favorite recipes. Then she will experiment with essential oils to create a replacement for Vicks Shower Disks, which I myself have never used and had never even heard of, but after I read what they are, would definitely like to try out a natural version.

So going forward Laci and I commit to creating a monthly blog that describes our monthly challenge, as well as the result of our efforts. We hope these blog posts are interesting and helpful to you, so we encourage your feedback as well as your challenge ideas.

Stay tuned for the results of Laci’s December challenge!

Challenge Accepted

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