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Sustainable farming, Permaculture, Natural building, Local food movement & Utilizing local resources

Earthstead.org is a hub connecting like minded people interested in things like sustainable farming, local food movement, permaculture, natural building, utilizing local resources, and independent living. The site will feature bloggers working on various projects that create greater harmony with their environment while sharing the ideas globally.


Sam DodsonSam Dodson

Sam grew up in the Dallas area and has an engineering background. He worked in telecom for about 10 years until realizing being part of someone else’s cube farm was not what he wanted for his life. Shortly after he moved to New Hampshire for 2 years to be a part of the Free State (drama) Project which sought to bring about greater liberty by encouraging like minded people to move to a general geographic area. In this time he gained experience as an activist, videographernationally syndicated radio host, and a jailbird.

In 2011 Sam moved home to the family farm in East Texas to begin creating a homestead. There, he added several ponds, a 1/4 acre series of hugelkultur beds, worked on an earthbag dwelling, and ran his sawmill to utilize the dead trees on the property. Since then, he and Rebecca have obtained their own 30 acre farm in Ben Wheeler, TX, where they are currently focusing on their pastured poultry operation, as well as seasonal produce. Long term plans for the farm also include a market garden operation, greenhouses, pastured pork and sheep, an orchard, swales, and food forests, many of which will support their sustainable farming initiative.


Rebecca ViscontiRebecca Visconti

Rebecca grew up living in the country-side with cows, horses, chickens, a large vegetable garden, home canned foods, and was very connected to the earth. Due to her scholastic achievement, she was encouraged to pursue the “American Dream.” She ultimately obtained her MBA and became submerged in a corporate lifestyle, which included both living and traveling overseas. She still works in the digital analytics industry and works as an adjunct professor at two local universities, which gives her an outlet for her passion for teaching.

Despite these accomplishments, Rebecca found that she felt very disconnected from the world around her and sought to regain a better balance in life. Over the past few years she has become passionate about gardening and connecting with nature and has become an advocate for both green living and nutrition. She and Sam are creating a sustainable life on their farm, with their beloved young daughter, where they can live in balance between the earth and the modern world. She hopes to continue pursuing her passion for teaching others to live in harmony with the earth and one another.  She also enjoys dancing, cooking, juicing, writing and learning something new every day.

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