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Organic Gardening: Creating the Right Soil Mix

Organic Gardening: Creating the Right Soil Mix I am a huge advocate of organic gardening and have fully committed myself to producing healthy, productive organic produce. To support this endeavor, my husband builds 12 ft X 4 ft raised garden beds for me that are each 16 […]

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Juicer For Life (Part 1)

A few years ago I developed a passion for juicing and since then, I am compelled to share that passion with others. I didn’t just suddenly develop an interest in juicing however. It was a journey that began with Food Inc., the documentary that hit me like […]

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Free Nitrogen for your Garden

Did you know that Starbucks (and probably any local coffee shop) gives away their used coffee grounds if you just ask? They have a policy to support local gardeners/farmers who use the coffee grounds as a natural nitrogen supplement for their soil. Best part? It’s FREE! (as […]

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