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                            We Love To Pamper Our Poultry!

At Earthstead Farms, we are committed raising our poultry with integrity, so we can bring quality and kindly raised food to you.

Most people do not realize that a natural chicken’s diet consists of at least 20% grass, therefore it is important to allow chickens access to fresh pastures so they can supplement their diet with grass, insects and worms. In fact, the earliest chickens, called Jungle Fowl were rainforest birds that feasted on green plants, wild seeds, and animal foods, such as earthworms and insects — all fresher and more nutritious than anything you can buy in a bag. Wikipedia Info on Chickens

Commercial chicken houses keep their chickens inside, in tights spaces, without sun, fresh air, grass or bugs. This is both cruel and unnecessary and we strive to set a better example!

Our layer (egg) chickens live on open pasture, protected from predators from a large parameter netting fence that can easily be moved. Their hen house is mobile, so we move them each week to a new area of pasture so they can forage for fresh grasses and bugs. Our broiler (meat) chickens live in mobile shelters that are moved to new pasture daily, allowing them to BE chickens and enjoy the outdoors. We also provide all of our poultry with high quality , non-GMO feed, to ensure they are given the healthiest, most natural diet possible.

Our Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red hens are excellent layers and we offer their amazing pastured, soy free, GMO free eggs for $5/dozen. We also offer whole chicken throughout the year and holiday seasonal turkeys for $4.50/lb.  Rebecca also offers free in-home lessons on how to cut up a whole chicken for recurring customers who are interested and we will also offer a referral rewards program for customers that refer new business to us.

Email Rebecca at rebecca@earthstead.org to order your eggs, chicken, and produce. We have limited supplies, so it’s first come, first serve.