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Organic Gardening: Creating the Right Soil Mix

Organic Gardening: Creating the Right Soil Mix I am a huge advocate of organic gardening and have fully committed myself to producing healthy, productive organic produce. To support this endeavor, my husband builds 12 ft X 4 ft raised garden beds for me that are each 16 […]

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The Monthly DIY Challenge

A few months ago I received an email from Laci, a local woman who found our farm on the Local Harvest website. She has identical twin 3 year old girls and wanted to bring them to the farm for a visit, as well as purchase some eggs […]

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How Long do Farm Fresh Eggs Last?

As a producer of farm fresh eggs, we had several questions – How long are eggs good? Do I need to refrigerate eggs? How do I know if eggs are bad? I went digging for an answer and what I learned along the way might surprise you. […]

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Poultry Watering Nipple Roundup

As part of implementing our pastured poultry operation, a prototype¬† movable shelter was constructed. The watering system for the birds is typically integrated into the shelter’s design so it moves with the pen. I tried several different solutions to provide water to our chickens and finally arrived […]

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One Solution for Large Earthen Building Projects

In building any large earthen dwelling, the materials for the build are typically inexpensive and plentiful. The labor to put it all together can be a different story. In the early planning phases of my earthbag project I calculated the volume of dirt required at around 200 […]

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